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Last updated: Friday, February 26, 2010

Why go to the trouble of creative a special landing page for your marketing for every affiliate?  What if you could do it automatically without barely lifting a finger?

It’s now possible with Authority Boost.

You know how powerful it is to get a recommendation links but most of your affiliates don’t spend enough time working up a strong recommendation.  In fact most of them just put a link to you and forget about it.  What if you could forge increased authority with those links in a way so simple that even your laziest affiliates will actually do it?

We’ve made that available through Authority Boost.

You want to carry over your affiliate’s brand as part of their recommendation of your products & services but don’t have the time to customize the branding of every affiliate recommendation.  What if the authority of their recommendations were to be easily matched to their brand and require no work on your part when any affiliate updates their brand image?

This is all possible using Authority Boost.