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Boost Search Engine Ranking
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Last updated: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How To Boost Search Engine Ranking For Your Micro Niche Website

By: Michael Laleye

Increasing your standing in the search engines all comes down to having more links than your competitors. These links are anchor text which has your keyword as the text and the URL of your webpage as the place where visitors are sent once the click. If you have the most of these links under a particular keyword, on as many reputable or page ranked(PR ranked) websites, the more the changes of your site coming up number one in Google when someone searches under that keyword.

Choosing the right keywords to focus on is the most crucial aspect of the search engine ranking process. Focusing on a keyword that has too much competition basically means that your site will never be seen. And by focusing on a seldom searched keyword wont give you any traffic. The rule to follow is that the shorter the keyword the more competition it is likely to have, the longer the keyword the less competition it may have. You can find out how long it will take you to reach number one in search engine results by utilizing a website or software that will count the number of links that a website has. You can use this information to determine if you can gain as many links as your competition has for your website, and decide how long it will take you to accomplish based on your time and resources.

That is why picking longer keywords is important; the sites that rank number one for these keywords probably don’t have many links so it shouldn’t take much time to replace them as number one in the search engines.

Having your website placed in business directories is the fastest way to have links with your keyword anchor text visible on the internet. You can submit your website URL as well as well as the keyword you would like to use as a heading, and a description of your website to these business directory websites. Approval of your content is usually given on the same day with a confirmation link sent to your e-mail. You can also outsource this work if you find it too time consuming. There are companies that will take your information and submit it to hundreds of directories for you. If you decide to outsource make sure that they are being submitted to as many authority or page ranked sites as possible.

Overall if you focus yourself in this way you will see a good amount of traffic for any product you decide to sell.

About the Author

Michael Laleye lives in Toronto, Canada and works full time from home on the internet. Visit his Micro Niche Finder Review and learn more about how to start making money from internet business ideas.

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